Mom of 4 and Veteran of New York Police Department as well as Medical Administrative Specialist in the United States Air Force, is an innovative forward thinker and creative and has stepped into greatness as a leader.  Ms. Melendez has expanded her expertise from creating new and innovative dishes for celebrations or events as well as  networking and relationship building and impeccable customer service skills.  In her current role as a School Administrator, Ms. Melendez offers educational and careers strategies in order to plan a marketable future for themselves and their families as well as cultivating valuable lifetime friendships.

As Founding Partner/CEO of Women Networking Worldwide, her mission is to assist and mentor as many women as possible in finding themselves as well as their life’s purpose in order to create amazing and powerful opportunities to secure a bright future.  WNW is not just for networking opportunities but serves as a space for women to speak freely about their concerns personally and professionally where they are given the skills to get clear on what life has to offer them.


Ms. Melendez, always a Brooklyn native still resides in Brooklyn with her four children, of who are her center and world.