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Women Networking Worldwide "WNW" addresses the needs and aspirations of all diverse women worldwide in both Personal & Professional forums. WNW conducts innovative workshops and seminars to strengthen individual business expertise and broaden opportunities.  Our workshops are for and not limited to...

-Custom/Personalized leadership for today's business owners

-Allowing all diverse women in business or individuals seeking to start a business, an opportunity to learn and grow  with professionals who are willing to share their personal business knowledge and experiences.

-Affordable Workshops, Seminars and Conferences, which present training and solid tips to expand their business knowledge.


-Providing Business Coaching and Mentorship opportunities by successful business owners and professionals, so you are able to align yourself towards a corporate platform.

-To improve access to information that will assist in improving diverse woman owned businesses, which then will prepare you to navigate the world with profound solutions to have a successful business.

-To provide specific marketing tools for your business including information logo design, financing, branding, incorporating, joint ventures, Social Media awareness and additional tools to elevate your business.

-Business Resources and Solution connections for legal structure and setup.





Mom of 4 and Veteran of New York Police Department as well as Medical Administrative Specialist in the United States Air Force, is an innovative forward thinker and creative and has stepped into greatness as a leader.  Ms. Melendez has expanded her expertise from creating new and innovative dishes for celebrations or events as well as  networking and relationship building and impeccable customer service skills.  In her current role as a School Administrator, Ms. Melendez offers educational and careers strategies in order to plan a marketable future for themselves and their families as well as cultivating valuable lifetime friendships.

As Founding Partner/CEO of Women Networking Worldwide, her mission is to assist and mentor as many women as possible in finding themselves as well as their life’s purpose in order to create amazing and powerful opportunities to secure a bright future.  WNW is not just for networking opportunities but serves as a space for women to speak freely about their concerns personally and professionally where they are given the skills to get clear on what life has to offer them.


Ms. Melendez, always a Brooklyn native still resides in Brooklyn with her four children, of who are her center and world.


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Join The Movement 

First leg of the WNW Leadership Series 

august 4,2018

As an Entrepreneur, this is the time for you to step forward boldly and re-imagine how you can draw information on your personal business with like-minded business leaders. WNW Leadership Forum is fueled with successful woman who will be transparent with how they broke through fear and overcame many obstacles to structure a business that ultimately changed their lives. These individuals will help you and your business gain refreshing new ideas and a support system that will bring you closer to your dream. The Ultimate goal of WNW Leadership forum is to reinvigorate you and help you to leave with the JOY of also being a business leader and taking strides to build a legacy.


Women Networking Worldwide Launch Party 


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We are always honored to collaborate, support and to be supported by fellow entrepreneurs. 


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Eve and mo

Broadcast talkshow featuring Eve and Mo.


Sew n' the city 

Sew N' The City are all inclusive sewing parties. Sewcializers will stitch a masterpiece while sipping and having a time. No sewing experience necessary.


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